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Cherie4Art: Embroidery that is ‘Sew’ Much Better

We Embroider, Digitize, Press, and Print to exacting standards. We plot every stitch by hand, in house, and never punch digitize: total control means total customer satisfaction.

We offer wholesale embroidery to shops nation wide who do not have the investiture for the equipment we carry; and we offer great apparel to customers who want the quality that only professional equipment and services can provide.

Quality, Speed and Value: Uniform, logos, and apparel that reflects effort you can be proud to wear, made fast, accurately and at a great value: its more than the sum of its stitching; together, we raise digital apparel back to an art-form.



From Brush Stroke to Stitch, and All Media in Between.

392858_138943892949891_1001054822_nRaising Digital embroidery to an Art! Sew Fluffy is an extension of Cherie4art Designs. This site exists on the premise that digital embroidery and promotional art must be treated as any other art form, with the respect that a favorite shirt or beloved keepsake deserves. Unfortunately, too many “Digitizers” are simply plugging a file in and pressing stitch, or worse, claiming that cleaning a raster file is truly digitizing, and the difference shows every time. As a digitizer, trained artist, and embroidery manager for nearly twenty years; Cherie Curry has seen more and more ‘punched’ embroidery and digital art flood the market. While this approach is inexpensive, it produces horrible results when compared to the skill of an artist, a skill which no computer program can equal.

Meet Cherie: Artist, Designer, Digitizer and Production Manager

Cherie Curry
Cherie Curry

Computer software and technology has revolutionized the graphic industry; even so, there is no substitute for artistic sensibility. Cherie Curry is a graphic artist and canvas painter who holds degrees in digital media, web design and Fine Arts from RIT. She has an extensive experience with the latest digital products including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flexisign, Compucom, and Wilcom; giving her the skills to produce compelling images for print, web and apparel applications. A gifted Canvas, Embroidery, Sculpture, and Digital Artist; Cherie has been an embroidery professional for nearly 20 years. Deaf from birth, she hears the world through her eyes; never defined by limitations.

Home Based with Advantage:

Business & Team Wear, Logo Embroidery, Vinyl & Printing

At its core, Cherie4art.com joins the approximate 89.6% of businesses listed as small businesses in the US with less than 20 employees, and while we do what we can under our own roof, we have leveraged our experience and talents to pool the resources of our community to create the Cherie4art.com / XPRESSwear.com and ThreadTight llc. network.  By bartering digitizing skills and pooling resources C4A has access to 20 embroidery heads, 3 digital vinyl cutters and a half dozen printing methods; ensuring a fast work flow with accurate results guaranteed across the production line by controlling all digitizing and vector work in house. We share the load with local partners in Dallas Fort Worth and deliver the product seamlessly to you without the additional overhead of a retail outlet.  Read more about how ordering from Cherie4art.com supports small business and the greater apparel decorating community in our area through our local partners.